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January 30th, 2009

Chips Ahoy Part II

There were a few responses to the list of generic cookie names that I really couldn’t let go by unnoticed.

The first is from my mom: “How about Pirates of the Carob Bean? (in health food stores now.)”

From my father: “How ’bout: ‘I stepped in Dog Chip‘ ??”

And finally, a message I received on facebook from my very funny friend Shawn Carlow: “As to the important matter of Chips Ahoy! knockoffs from your blog, I’d go for Chips Annoy! And they would be cookies that defy conventional logic by being at a significantly higher rate of chips to cookie dough than has ever been done before. So much so that eaters would eventually start spitting the cookies out, saying “This is just too much.” But I would only do that because I’m running the company, and I got it from my rich ex-wife as part of the divorce settlement, and I’ll show her. Probably Treasure Chips would do that just as well.”

In addition to coming up with elaborate stories about heartbreak and baked goods, Shawn also does Stand Up around Los Angeles. To see where he’ll be performing next, check out his MySpace page here. While you’re there, read his blog and watch a few of his short films. I love the Godzilla one.

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