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January 20th, 2009

A Thousand Chips Delicious!

A few months ago, after the kitchen at work had been recently re-stocked, my coworker Gina and I were delighted to find a package of chocolate chip cookies on the shelves! “Chips Ahoy!” we shouted! But, upon further inspection, we found that they were the generic Safeway brand of cookies, called Treasure Chips. The cookies, while delicious, bore a somewhat unappealing name. So Gina and I decided to come up with a list of new names for a generic version of Chips Ahoy. Today, when I was sorting through a pile of dusty post-it notes under my monitor, I found that list:

– Chips Aweigh!
– Chips, Ho!
– 20,000 Chips Under the Sea
– Chip Shape!
– Chipwrecked!
– Chip n’ Whales (Whoa. That one was a stretch.)
– The SS Chips
– Shiver Me Chippers!
And my personal, ridiculous favorite:
– There Arrrrrrrr So Many Chips!

I think I’d be inclined to eat these products over Treasure Chips. What does that even mean?

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