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December 19th, 2008

Christmas at the Cole House

Every family has its own holiday traditions. One of ours happens to be getting together to decorate the house and the tree for Christmas. Each of us has a special stocking that we hang from the fire place. My mom needle-pointed mine, and Louie’s. My brother made my dad’s. Here it is:

Aside from the misspelling of our father’s name, Steve, please note the Tie Fighter.

And, in keeping with the Star Wars theme, here is my favorite ornament on the tree:

Well, almost my favorite. Because our tree wouldn’t be complete without …

…The Christmas Ballsack, courtesy of Louis & Dad:

2 comments to Christmas at the Cole House

  • BrianMcGrane

    I thought those were eyes and a nose to make the entire tree look like a preying mantis

  • Lyn

    Heee….haven’t been here in a while, Liz. I need a tree topper like that one. Probably would have put up a tree this year! LOL You totally made my day. Well…AFTER the weather man announced that my shcool district was closed due to minus 30 degree wind chills that is. : )

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