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July 17th, 2007

I Am Confident In The American Media!

This morning, driving to work, I tuned into KNX 1070 AM to see what the deal with the traffic was. Soon, the traffic report, which, as usual, didn’t say anything at all about my commute, was over and a special report by Charles Feldman began.

The topic was “A New Kind of Terrorist Threat.” Admittedly, I wasn’t all that excited about listening to this, but then sound bytes, seemingly from an action movie, began to play. I was intrigued. Charles began to tell us that terrorists may now be using computers to cause major societal dysfunction and melt down “as the new Die Hard movie illustrates.”!!

But, don’t get worried that this report was made up of questionable information. Oh no. Rest assured that Mr. Feldman had some very reliable sources. For instance a man who calls himself Security Monkey.

Yes, a nation-wide technological meltdown scares me. But I do feel much safer with Charles Feldman and his pal Security Monkey on the case.

2 comments to I Am Confident In The American Media!

  • Brian

    lol that is very funny. At least you are asking the question of “Do I trust screenwriters and security monkeys to keep me safe?” Many listeners probably nodded their heads, and said “Security Monkey, you do whatever you need to do to keep us safe.”

  • gene taylor

    Doesn’t the Security Monkey live in the White House?

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