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February 11th, 2007

A Short Rant About A Long Show

Well, it’s Grammy day, and the powers that be have shrewdly chosen to hold the ceremony at that Pillar of Sonic Perfection: The Staples Center.

Really? Really?

You’re going to hold an event dedicated to the appreciation of music (however you choose to define it this year) in a sports arena!??! Excellent.

I have been to two musical events at Staples Center. Each one was different, each one was terrible. The first was for the First Annual Latin Grammys. I was in the “300” seats (read: The Nosebleed Section) where the sound ricocheted off of everything. Because the walls are made of concrete. The second was for a Dave Matthews Band concert. I was in the second row, where the sound still ricocheted off of the concrete walls, only was much worse because the echos had time to mix with other echos. In both situations, I couldn’t make out a damn thing. And it didn’t help matters that 50% of my experiences with music at the Staples Center were in Spanish.

Why would they decide to do that? I mean, I suppose these sports arenas can hold lots of people, but aren’t these events meant to be exclusive anyway? It seems it would be more appropriate to have the Golden Globes at the Staples Center, since there aren’t any musical numbers. But the Grammys? There’s a performance every ten seconds. That’s what it’s about.

I could go on and on about what bothers me about the Grammys (why aren’t all types of music included in the telecast? Who keeps letting those crazed rap artists up on stage?) but I won’t, because they’re going to be on pretty soon and I don’t want to miss a minute.

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