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October 16th, 2006

A Word of Advice For Sales Persons

Soundtrack of the Day: “Everything Happens to Me” by Bill Evans, from his record The Solo Sessions. (Incidentally, I advise everyone to hip themselves to Bill. The PIANIST. NOT the SAX player. That’s key.)

I should probably never go shopping alone. It allows my mind to wander, and I come up with elaborate and unrealistic situations in my head, usually in response to something someone says. For example, when the fellow at Macy’s returned with the pair of Rockport boots I had requested, he said, “These are a very nice boot. You’ll look great in them. My name’s Victor. Just shout if you need anything!” I thought to myself, What if I actually did shout for Victor? Imagine this if you will:

I would be attempting to squeeze into too-small boots, an impossible battle that would cause my face to redden and my forehead to perspire ever so slightly. Eventually I’d just stop trying and get up. Scanning the room, and not seeing Victor in my immediate vision, my eyes would start to get a little wild. I would then remember that Victor, the only salesman that truly understood my footwear needs, had told me to shout if I needed anything.

“Victor!? … VICTOR!?! … VIIICTOOORRRR!!!??!!” I’d screech, one boot in hand, as I gesticulated wildly. The other would be halfway on my left foot, bent so it looked like I had one creepy ankle. And my hair would be falling out of my ponytail, and I would start to cry. A nice young woman would say, “May I help you with something ma’am?” and I’d strike her with a nearby suede Steven Madden mule, and scream, “I! want! VICTOR!! I nee-eee-eeed him!”

As I stood there, chest heaving, Victor would return from the back room and say, “Did you need a different size?”

“Yes Victor. Please. These are far too small,” I’d reply wiping drool from my face.

These sales persons should not instruct their customers to “shout” for them.

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