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September 5th, 2006

Just a Brief Message

Folks, I present to you-


This is probably the worst thing I have ever seen.

What is it?

It came up when I Googled “ugly bear.” It appears to be a Sailor Moon doll whose hand has been chewed to a pulp- probably by a dog or a hamster. The head clearly is not the original, as it is humungous and awful. The eyes must have either come from two different dolls, or directly from Hell. Her(?) hair is made up of what looks like Teddy Bear pelts. Perhaps most interesting of all is the way in which her arms are thrown up in exasperation. It’s almost as though she’s realized that there is nothing she can do about the fact that her nose came from a stuffed bear.

This was up for auction on ebay, apparently, and is no longer available. Which means that SOME ONE ACTUALLY BOUGHT THIS. Maybe there was even a bidding war. Either way, I hope that it is displayed proudly on someone’s mantle, right underneath the moose head.

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  • Chris

    You would do well not to criticize that piece, for it is the work of Pocky Nosocks, the great neodada artist. It’s worth fortunes, and this piece helped me through a very tough time. It deals with issues of identity, and sexual frustration, and also not being able to go to the bathroom. Nosocks’ chronic constipation (both physical and SPIRITUAL) can often be seen in his work.

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