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July 11th, 2006

Snow White and the Little White Lumps

My cousin, Sarah, is 6 years old. She wrote my mom this email the other night (it is presented as written, no editing):

rode my bike at night, all the way to a park far away. We call it littlefoot park. We rode around it and we went in a neighborhood right next to it. and it was just being built so there were lots of tracks. I couldn’t tell how many or what kind they were. Yesterday we went to dads work and we went shopping at the mall and I got new crocks. Orange. and I don’t know when we went to Glenwood Springs but we went down the alpine coaster. The alpine coaster was made by the germans. and we went in a cave. MORE than one cave. Two caves. One was called the king cave and the other I forget and how the person found King cave was through ‘dam crack’, It was just a crack in the wall. And it had so many fairy tales in it. There was only one that I remember, Snow White………….. andthesevendwarves. There were 7 little lumps made from white minerals ( stalagmites). and there was Snow White and the dwarves . or the little white lumps, were surrounding her. It’s nice to write to you and it’s fun. Love Sarah (and family)

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