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Show Your Love

September 12th, 2011


Every book that even remotely touches upon the subject of female psychology says something to the effect of, “The role a girl’s father plays in her life greatly shapes bla bla bla choosing a mate bla bla self-confidence bla bla, her adult persona, bla, etc.”


The same could also probably be be said of a girl’s relationship to her brother.

Now, you all may think you know me. You know I like dogs, and that I sing, and that have a unhealthy fascination with ugly food photographs. You know I like birthdays, and that I like to do almost anything that involves laughter. But you don’t really know me. You don’t know what kind of a person I really am.

Well, if the men in a girl’s life influence her development into an adult, then I think this picture of my father and brother will help you gain some insight into who I really am.


Dad & Louie Crazed

3 comments to Men

  • The Boyfriend

    This picture captures them well, and I’m very thankful for these guys.

    Weird huh?

  • Steve the Cat

    Guilty, as charged.

  • Geoff Case

    Thanks Liz – This pretty much confirms everything I’ve suspected about your dad all these years……
    That whole phony story about being from Seattle for example….yeah sure. How gullible do you think we are….??

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