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Got a question, comment, proposal of marriage? Great! Email me at liz@theproductivecough.com

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February 18th, 2010

Happy Birthday, Melvin!

Today would have been my dog Melvin’s birthday, but he up an’ died on me a few years back so now I have no canine to cook bacon for on this special day. Instead I will celebrate by giving away a FREE PUPPY TO THE FIRST TEN PEOPLE WHO COMMENT ON THIS POST!

Oh wait. No I won’t.

To celebrate, I will show you this photo of my favorite beast:

This was one of Mel’s go-to relaxation maneuvers, whenever his life got too overwhelming (lord knows all those table scraps and walkies can really tax one’s constitution). If we hadn’t heard from him in awhile, it was a sure bet he would be upstairs in the office. There you could find him on his back, spread eagle, lips completely slack. When he was finished, he’d writhe around on the carpet for a second, flip over and give a violent sneeze that usually shot him back a few inches. Then it was back to his busy schedule- he had bunnies to annoy and spots on the kitchen floor to lick.

Now I will stop typing before I start to cry. Happy Birthday, Melvin!

4 comments to Happy Birthday, Melvin!

  • Oh Liz, you can always cook bacon for me. Although I know my carpet writhing could never match Mel’s style and grace.

  • David

    I love that picture! I think it is wonderful to remember sweet Melvin each year. Don’t ever stop. You were his best friend.

  • Surfer Liz

    Feldman beat me to it but I as well love me some bacon. In-fact the beggin’ strips commercial is loosely based on my life. As for floor writhing, I’m sure I woke up in that position once or twice but I don’t believe it was willingly.

  • Lyn

    I want a puppy……..

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