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February 26th, 2009

Uncle Clint’s Adventures

My uncle Clint works in Afghanistan, a fact which both impresses and frightens me. I don’t know why I haven’t posted photographs of his experiences before, because he sends me some really terrific stuff.

Some of it is sad:

Some of it makes you think about how good you have it:

Some of it is pictures of these guys:

Whatever it is, it’s always interesting. Sometimes, Clint takes field trips. Like the time he went to the arcade and saw this lady:

Another time, he went to the US Embassy in Baghdad and saw these cards made by children:

I’m 99% sure they were to show support for the American troops. But here is why I’m 1% unsure:

The best part, is that sometimes Clint and his coworkers go to local grade schools and give away clothes and shoes. I think it’s so important for them give to kids who are less fortunate than American children. It makes me happy to think of the smiles on their faces:

But the extra best special treat is when someone like this guy shows up:

So, I’ve decided that as long as Clint keeps sending me these fine photos, I will keep posting them for you to see.

4 comments to Uncle Clint’s Adventures

  • Kiddo Carson

    Liz I don’t know that you’ve ever been to North Philadelphia but it is pretty much the same as Afghanistan from what I can tell. We do have more guns though and you are more likely to be shot here. Go figure. So hopefully it is comforting that your uncle is safer there than here.

  • Lyn

    I really needed to see this post again. Just got word last Thursday that one of my students, a second grader, lost his father in Iraq. The entire school is reeling…still. Thanks for the reminders that his life had a purpose.

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